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Did you know that bullying is the fourth most common cause for children to seek help through children's services? It is estimated that 200 million young people are victims of bullying by school aged peers around the world. As a parent, you can play a key role in helping schools to decrease this figure.


APHS Library contains the following books which we encourage parents to borrow, including:

  • Carr Greg, M. 2006. The Princess Bitchface Syndrome

Review extract: I must admit that when I first saw Michael Carr-Gregg's book, The Princess Bitchface Syndrome, I was a little bit shocked by the title. However, the initial shock was quickly replaced by intrigue as I began to read the book. In fact, I was so entranced and caught up in this little book that I read it in one sitting!

  • Morgan, S. 2013. Bullying: A Guide for Parents.

This booklet offers answers to the most commonly asked, general questions about bullying and it is primarily aimed at parents/carers of a 4-11 year-old child who is being bullied. Amongst the questions answered are: How can I tell if my child is being bullied? What do I need to find out from my child about the bullying? What can I do to help?

Other books include:

  • Alexander, J. (1998) Your Child Bullying: Practical and easy to follow advice. Element Books, Ringwood (Vic)

  • Berne, S. (1996)  Bully-Proof Your Child.  Lothian Books, Port Melbourne (Vic)

  • Ellis, D. (2010) We Want You to Know: Kids Talk About Bullying. Coteau Books, Canada.
  • Carr-Gregg, M. (2014) Beyond Cyberbullying. Penguin Books, Melbourne.
  • Galey, P. (2011) Building Resiliency. User Friendly Resources, Mascot.


The following Australian sites are designed to provide parents with information on what bullying is, as well as tips on what parents can do to help.

Australian Psychological Society. 2014. Parent guide to helping children manage conflict, aggression and bullying.


KidsHelpline. 2012. School Related Bullying. 
This Australian site has pages on bullying in schools, including tips for parents as well as a separate link to a section on cyberbullying.


Scholastic. 2014. Parent Guide to Bullying. 
This international organisation offers multiple links to pages of tips for parents to recognise the warning signs of bullying and how to help, including links on Bullying in Cyberspace.


Baker, Fiona. (Kidspot) 2013. What Parents can do about Bullying.
Australian site with useful links regarding victims, bullies and what parents can do to help.


Safe and Supportive School Communities Working Group. 2013. Bullying. No Way!
Australian site established in conjunction with schools. This page provides parents with links to a variety of other sites offering advice and parenting tips on combatting bullying.

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