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Learning Support Team


  • Student learning is fundamental to achievement and self-esteem in later life and is the core responsibility of schools, teachers and principals.



  • To provide all students with the learning opportunities and experiences that they individually require. Some students require more support than others.



  • APHS Learning Support team provides active support for students who may struggle with various aspects of their schooling. The team is led by Head Teacher Support, the LAST (Learning and Support Teacher) the team includes the Principal, Deputy Principals and representatives from each KLA within the school. The team meets every second Tuesday after school where new referrals and updates on previous referrals are discussed.
  • The role of the LAST is to work with the students at Albion Park High School if they are experiencing difficulty in learning. The LAST teacher supports class teachers to make the necessary adjustments to teaching and learning so that every student has the opportunity to access the curriculum. The LAST also ensures that special provisions requests are organised for the Board of Studies to support students during their HSC exams.
  • At Albion Park High School, we employ (SLSOs) Student Learning Support Officers and additional staff from our allocated resources to further enhance student learning outcomes in the classroom.
  • The Learning Support team liaises with parents via the school counsellor, to place students on specialist Life Skills courses where deemed necessary.
  • Our Careers Adviser actively supports students who are at risk of leaving school early or who feel disengaged with learning. We provide significant support for students from Years 9 in a range of ways. In addition, work experience opportunities are provided as appropriate.
  • The Learning Support Team works to identify students with needs that require a specialist environment and will seek placements within the support class setting to better meet the individual needs of students.
  • More detailed information in relation to provide for individual student needs is via the Head Teacher Learning Support.


                      This policy was last ratified by the P and C in February 2014