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Check and Connect program

Albion Park High School has a special system to help us support students who are missing the mark in maintaining the school-wide expected behaviour expectations.

Check and Connect (C&C) is a way of encouraging our students to: 

  • Review the school wide values and expectations each day
  • Set personal goals for the day
  • Monitor their own behaviour
  • Stay on track

Students will receive a monitoring card each day, which they will carry with them to each lesson and classroom teachers will be rating and looking for positives in relation to a set criteria. The goals for each day are discussed and re-enforced with their mentor each day.

C&C students will check in with the C&C Coordinator/Head Mentor first thing during roll call every day and will also check out last thing in the day by dropping their card into the box outside the C&C Co-ordinator/Head Mentor’s staffroom.

C&C students will be recognised and rewarded for having a good day and will receive further targeted social skills training support if they need it.

The social skills we will be focusing on are:

Self-management / Self-control: self-awareness, anger management and assertiveness.

Social success: turn-taking, awareness of others, play skills, disagreeing with others, showing empathy for others, conflict resolution, apologising, appropriate conversation skills

Learning Skills: Listening, accepting teacher feedback, co-operating with teachers and students, making requests, problem solving

We include all our parents as active participants in C&C. Parents receive regular feedback via email from the C&C Co-ordinator/Head Mentor and you will be asked to respond and speak to your son/daughter/ward in regards to this information. This allows parents to be aware of the progress your child is making and to encourage your child to do their very best at school each day.