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School Counsellors


  • Sometimes students find it difficult to sort through tough times on their own
  • Problems can build up and some students, find they can't concentrate on schoolwork,  and other facets of their lives.



  • To provide students at APHS with a professional level of support by qualified counsellors.
  • To provide students with referrals to outside agencies if required.



  • Students can access the services of two highly experienced and professional School Counsellors (Registered Psychologists) 5 days per week.
  • Mr Flood is available on Monday and Friday and Ms Haydon is available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Students have a high regard for our Counsellors and feel comfortable seeking their advice and support. Students can make an appointment by completing a referral form located on the school counsellor's office door. Alternatively, the can see their relevant Year Adviser of Deputy Principal for referral forms. Parents can also make phone contact or make an appointment to speak to a Counsellor. Our Counsellors can also provide valuable support for senior students in regards to stress management, goal setting and time management skills. The School Counsellors
  • Year Advisors and other staff will inform Senior Executive and Counsellors where they have concerns about a student's well-being. Matters are always managed discretely and with due regard for appropriate Child Protection processes.



  • This policy will be reviewed annually as part of the APH school's three-year review cycle.


                      This policy was last ratified by the P and C in February 2014