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Class Dismissal


The safe and orderly dismissal of students at the end of each period and at the end of the school day is essential to the smooth and effective running of the school.



To ensure that all students are dismissed from classes at the end of each period and the end of the school day in a safe, predictable and orderly manner.



  • The school bell will sound at 2:35pm each school day to mark the formal close of school for that day
  • The school bell will sound at the end of each period notifying staff and students that class has finished.
  • Students are not be dismissed by teachers prior to the sounding of the bell at 2:35pm.
  • Students may leave earlier but only if a note is presented to the class teacher from the front office. This request must be from an authorised contact person listed on ERN.
  • All other students will be dismissed from classes in an orderly manner at the sound of the bell.
  • At least one staff member will be on duty at the end of the school day at the front gates to monitor the orderly exit from the school.
  • The school dismissal bell may be altered if inclement weather (such as a storm) is occurring or is imminent but is expected to quickly abate at which time the relevant information will be provided to staff, students and if possible, parents.
  • Students are to be in full school uniform (or sport uniform on Thursdays) when exiting the school. Adequate time should be provided to students allowing them to fully change from PE uniform after PE classes.
  • If students are participating in PE classes on the oval or other outdoors area, they are to be kept in that area until the final bell for the day is sounded.
  • Any student who has missed their bus is to report to the front office where alternative arrangements can be made in regards to their collection from the school.
  • Teachers leaving classrooms at the end of the work day are required to close any open windows and close the main classroom door.



This policy will be reviewed as part of the school's three-year review cycle.


This policy was last ratified by P and C in April 2014