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Sports Committee

The Albion Park Sports Committee takes great pride in being able to support students within our school who attain NSW or Australian representation in sport.

Regardless of whether it is a school or out-of-school sporting event, we provide financial assistance for students and their families once a student achieves this level of representation.

We have been fortunate enough to support athletes such as Luke Wilkshire (Socceroos), Casey and Matthew Eastham (Hockey) and National Champion and record holder Jessica Hull, to name but a few outstanding talents who have come through our school.

  Casey JessicaLuke

Our Motto

"Some people want it to happen.

Some wish it would happen.

Others make it happen."


Did You Know?

  • In 2000, the Australian Government awarded our Sports Committee with a ‘Sport Achievement Award' in recognition of "Outstanding Achievement in the Promotion of Sporting Activity"
  • In 2002, our Sports Committee won the Shellharbour District Award for ‘School Achievement'
  • APHS was the first school in NSW to adopt a school Sports Committee!

About The Sports Committee

History of the Sports Committee

In 1996, the APHS Sports Committee was formed in response to the rich history of sport in the school and the community, and the need to nurture this strength within the school.

The committee was also a response to the growing responsibilities and duties of sports organisers in the school, the vast number of students who were excelling at sport, and the opportunity to support these students financially through fund-raising efforts.

The capacity to promote, foster and develop an active and healthy lifestyle as part of the school's culture remains a core focus of the Sports Committee's work.

There have been over 250 students who have been members of the Sports Committee since 1996.

For many of these students, the committee has been responsible for providing the opportunity for the development of leadership skills, team building skills, organisational skills and communication skills in both a formal and non-formal setting. More than 20 Sports Committee members have gone on to become our school captain.

The committee has also provided the opportunity for members to act as role models within the school and throughout the local community, inspiring other students at APHS to improve their physical, emotional and social health and wellbeing.

This high-profile group of well-respected and energetic young adults are excellent ambassadors for their peers and are an essential and necessary part of Albion Park High School.


Some of our roles and functions within the school……

  • Providing a free fitness program and healthy breakfast      fit-i-am at our Breakfast Club.
  • Fund-raisers such as lunchtime competitions,  Hamburger Days, "Horse Poo Lotto" and other initiatives throughout the year
  • Ongoing charity work including annual representation at the Shellharbour Relay for Life and donations to charities such as the Fred Hollows Foundation and the RSPCA
  • Officiating at our Swimming, X-Country and Athletics carnivals
  • Organising lunchtime competitions and our end of year Sports Presentation Ceremony