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Aboriginal Education

Our Aboriginal programs are foremost about positive educational outcomes. We are committed to discovering and extending student talents as well as supporting students throughout their High School experience to be fully engaged in learning so that they can achieve their best and become successful.

We work hard to make sure that students have all the help they need to overcome every barrier they may face and finish school with pride in their achievements.

We also know that it’s important for students to connect with their Aboriginal and Torres Strait heritage and APHS provides plenty of opportunities for students to do so. We want students to be proud of being Indigenous and grow in as much knowledge and confidence as they can, so APHS  organises cultural programs and excursions to help foster this.





Aboriginal Tutoring
Tutoring is a significant part of what we offer all Aboriginal students at APHS. Matt and Nadia work together to provide tutoring to Aboriginal students within the school. Students are placed into learning hubs of two or three, and are tutored approx once per fortnight.

During tutoring we focus mostly on Maths, where we revise class work and study for upcoming tests. Finally, we assist with assessment tasks by helping students to plan and begin working on them so that they can be completed at home.

Tutoring is also a place where we can identify educational hurdles that students face and offer support in overcoming these hurdles. We may work individually with students to help overcome these barriers so that they can have a positive school experience.

Women's Health
APHS partners with Illawarra Woman’s Health, who facilitate a program called ‘Talk Like A Girl’.  This program is run at the school and targets girls in Years 8 - 10, focusing on health and well-beingn for young woman.

As well as ‘Talk Like A girl’, we also attend Woman’s Health events to reinforce how to look after our health and stay safe, as well as develop positive sel-esteem.

Koori Men's Group
Koori Men’s Group run a program for Aboriginal Boys on a Friday focusing on cultural connection and at times, they partner with other organisations to attend local events. Students who attend can participate in a range of projects including art and woodwork.

Cultural Excursions
In May our Year 7 students are invited to attend the Shellharbour Reconciliation Flag Walk. This is an event where schools come together to acknowledge and celebrate reconciliation. In the lead up to NAIDOC week, one of the local high schools run the NAIDOC Touch Football Competition. Since we have amazing sport talent in our school, we have entered a team the last several years.

One of the highlights of the year is our Year 7 and 8 Cultural Excursion in Term 4. In previous years we have been to Killalea State Park, Bomaderry Creek or Fitzroy Falls to take part in cultural tours run by National Parks and Wildlife Rangers. Everyone always comes away with a deeper knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal culture.

Cultural Camps
There are several of opportunities for students to go on camps. Throughout the year the AECG run camps which we invite a small number of students to participate in. They run camps for language and cultural, sport and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

The newest camp is a Cultural Exchange Program with Bourke High School. We are in the process of fostering a relationship with Bourke High School to build on your knowledge and experiences. We take part in cultural activities and tours in the local Bourke area and connect with the High School there.

NAIDOC Week Celebrations
At the end of term 2, our team organisesschool-wide celebrations for NAIDOC Week. This usually includes some
formalities, but also some fun activities and cultural experiences. One big feature is a staff vs student Touch Footy

Indigenous Network Program (Gumaraa)
Gumaraa partners with SYFS to deliver the Indigenous Network Program, where students are immersed in a vibrant cultural experience. Students learn to speak Dharawal language, painting techniques or make their own didgeridoo and learn traditional dance. The program occurs on Wednesdays during school hours. 

School To Work (NRL)
School2Work is a program developed by NRL to support student retention and post-school pathways in a program called ‘School2Work”. A mentor visits our school to connect with Aboriginal students in years 11-12 to help support them at school and to explore future pathways. 

Lake Illawarra Commander’s Active Citizens
The Commander’s Active Citizen Program is targeted at year 10 students and aims to encourage positive interaction between Police and Aboriginal Youth.

Participants are nominated by the school and take part in numerous community forums, culminating in a 3-day Leadership hike to Mt Kosciusko.