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Sentral for Parents app

Sentral for Parents app

DOWNLOAD THE APP - Available now

From 2022, all of our school communications will come via the Sentral Parent Portal. 

You can still access the portal on your browser here: Access link to portal 

The best way to have full access and real-time notifications on your child's learning at Albion Park High School is to download the Sentral for Parents app.

At your fingertips, right from your phone, you’ll be able to:

-          Stay updated on your child’s Park Positives reward scheme

-          Be aware of important events at school

-          See your child’s school reports

-          Notify absences and provide doctor’s certificates

-          Grant permissions for excursions / incursions

-          Receive important notices through the news feed function

-          Book sessions for parent-teacher interviews

-          View the latest edition of our newsletter

-          Find all relevant policies – right there on the app!

In other words, with the Sentral for Parents app on your phone, you’ll be totally informed about your child’s education at Albion Park High School.

If you need help or your access codes, please contact the school on 4257 1744. We are ready to help you set this up.