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Dux of the School


The highest award a school can bestow on a student is the overall award for academic excellence: the award of Dux.  At Albion Park High School, we continually strive to promote academic excellence and believe that the award of Dux of the school should be recognised publically. This award will be determined and awarded by a fair and consistent method each year. The Dux of the school will be the student who achieves the highest mark in Assessment in the Year 12 program of study.



  • To ensure that the school selects the most deserving student as Dux.
  • To maintain transparent procedures for the selection and determination of Dux in any particular year.
  • To ensure that procedures are followed consistently.



  • The Dux will be selected from students studying a Year 12 program of study at Albion Park High School.
  • Only ATAR students will be considered.
  • If a student is studying a Distance Education course and this constitutes part of their 10 mandatory units, these results will be included (depending on the information available to the school from the Distance Education School). The rank of the distance education student will be taken into consideration.
  • Students studying a VET subject will have their Trial HSC mark used when formulating the final mark.
  • The Head Teacher Teaching and Learning will collate all assessment marks and present to the Principal the possible candidates for the award of Dux. The final decision will then be ratified by the school executive.
  • The level of the individual subject will be taken in to account when formulating the Dux of the School. A student studying an advanced course of study may be considered for the award of Dux over a student studying the same course but at a lower level.
  • A joint Dux of the School is a possibility.
  • There will be no capacity for appeal – the process used in this policy is final.



This policy will be reviewed as part of the school's three-year review cycle.


This policy was last ratified by P and C in March 2014