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Albion Park High School Music Department Mission Statement


It is the mission of the Albion Park High School's Music Department to in still in each student the inspiration for a lifelong participation in music.




• Music is an integral part of the human condition, and is essential to the well-rounded education of all children.
• The ability to create, perform, and respond to music emotionally and intellectually has an important humanizing influence.
• The skills, knowledge, and habits acquired through the study of music enriches students' lives.
• Through these experiences, students build positive personal relationships with others, preparing them to live and work in a culturally diverse society.



1. Develop imagination
2. Enable students to make informed aesthetic choices
3. Provide a creative, motivating vehicle for mastering technology, including multimedia
4. Develop self-discipline and focus
5. Develop the capacity to refine work, aspiring to high quality standards
6. Create better school atmosphere
7. Foster creativity and independence
8. Develop the ability to solve complex, often ambiguous, problems
9. Create a positive, inclusive school atmosphere
10. Develop teamwork
11. Enhance self-esteem
12. Increase learning across the curriculum


Overview of courses.

Year 7 students are given the opportunity to develop their practical skills on guitar, keyboard and various percussion instruments. They will also develop their ability to read and appreciate music through studies of the following topics:

African Music (with a focus on Duration), Instruments of the Orchestra (with focus on Tone Colour), Australian Music (with a focus on Structure and Texture) and Dynamics and Expressive Techniques (with a focus on Score Reading).


Year 8 students are given the opportunity to further develop their practical skills on guitar, keyboard and various percussion instruments. They will also extend their knowledge and appreciation of music through studies of the following topics:

Music of the 20th and 21st Century, Theatre Music, Film Music and Popular Music.


So You Want To Be A Rockstar     

In this Year 8 elective Music course, students are given the opportunity to extend their practical skills on their choice of guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and/or vocals. This course is aimed at students who are interested in increasing their performance experience in ensemble or solo settings. Students will work towards relieving their performance anxieties and increasing their confidence by playing music in a supportive and constructive environment.

Years 9 and 10

In these junior elective years students are encourage to develop instrumental skills on an instrument of their choice.  Students also further explore their passion for music through the following topics in Year 9: Popular Music, Music for Small Ensemble, Australian Music and Music of a Culture (Mexico).  In Year 10 they study Film Music, Australian 70's Music and Art Music 

In completing instrumental, compositional, aural and musicological activities, students will discover their strengths and develop their musical skills with the intention of creating well rounded musician ready to tackle the senior years.


Years 11 and 12

In the senior course students have the unique opportunity to create their own path of study.  Through activities which develop their instrumental, aural and musicological skills students can select where to focus their studies (performance, composition or musicology/viva) and under which topics they will learn and develop these skills.  Students can focus purely on performance, create wonderful compositions, express their passion for music through musicology/viva's or any combination of the above.  This allows the student to create a path through the senior course, which focuses on their strengths and allows them to study topics which interest them and which they are passionate about.

Some of the topics the students can study are: Music for Small Ensemble, Rock Music, Popular Music, Theatre Music, Music for Film, Radio and Television, Instrument and its Repertoire and Technology in Music.


Extra-curricular opportunities available/whole school events.

Albion Park High School are excited to offer the following opportunities for their performing arts students:

  • Vocal Ensemble: offered to Yr 7 and 8 students.
  • Guitar Shredders Union: Offered to any of our young budding guitar hero's.
  • Performance opportunities at many school formal and informal assemblies and presentation nights.
  • Performance nights, which showcase the talent and skills of our elective students.
  • School Musicals: APHS has a long and proud history of great school musicals including; In Your Dreams, The Wiz, Little Shop of Horror's, Murder at the Music Hall, Pollutia and the Forest Fairies, BATS and Back to the 80's.
  • Involvement in Community of Schools events, including COS concerts and visits to and with our feeder schools.
  • We have had both choral and dance representation at Southern Stars.
  • We have a strong link to our local community having both participants and performers at the Shellharbour Relay for Life. 

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