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Student Mobile Phones

  Rationale :

  • Mobile phones are important modern day communication tools, essential in providing a safe and effective school environment.  However, they can easily be improperly used, lost or damaged and must therefore be effectively managed.


Aims :

  • To utilise the benefits of mobile phones whilst managing the problems they can potentially cause in a school environment.


Implementation :

  • Mobile phones owned by students are brought to school at their own risk.The school does not accept responsibility for lost or damaged student mobile phones.

  • Student's mobile phones which are brought to classes, meetings, assemblies or similarly organised activities, must be on silent or turned off and are not to be used unless specifically instructed to do so by the teacher.

  • Under no circumstances is a student to take a call in class unless the urgency of such a call is discussed beforehand with the principal who will relate that urgency to the teachers.

  • Mobile phones must not cause disruptions to classes or individuals, and must not cause a nuisance to the smooth running of the school. Students misusing personal mobile phones at school or causing a nuisance will be brought to the attention of the Head Teacher of the faculty (see procedures below). 

  • The taking of photos or video is prohibited at school unless it is for educational reasons and with the permission of those being photographed or videoed.

  • The senior executive may revoke a student's privilege of bringing or using mobile phones whilst at school.

  • Students are not to charge their phones in class.


Parent responsibility :

  • Parents are reminded not to text or phone during class as it is upsetting to the child and disruptive to the class. To contact your child simply ring the front office and they will be taken from class immediately and allowed to speak to you.


Student responsibility:

  • To follow the APHS phone policy

  • To follow teacher instructions.


Teacher responsibility:

  • To instruct students to "Take off, Turn off, Put away" before students enter the class.

  • To follow the APHS phone policy, see procedures below.



  Confiscation of phones will occur if;

1. A phone is used in class without the teacher's permission

2. The student refuses to comply with teacher's instructions

3. The phone/device is brought into an examination or formal assessment task

4.  If it is believed that a student holds images or video relating to school.


Evaluation :

This policy will be reviewed as part of the school's three-year review cycle


This policy was last ratified by School P&C in July 2016