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Flood/Fire Management


  • The effective and efficient management of an emergency situation where imminent flooding/bush fire is a possibility and likely to affect the safety and well being of students, staff and school visitors.
  • The school is required to maintain a current emergency management plan, which takes into account the possibility of localised flooding/fire. This flooding/fire may have the impact of isolating the school and preventing parents and transport companies from reaching the school.



  • To provide a safe environment for all, where effective communication is provided to students, staff and parents.



  • The flood/fire management plan will be consistent with advice provided by the Department of Education and similar authorities.
  • The flood/fire management plan will be displayed on the school website for parents and the wider community to access.
  • DP (Ridgway) and HT HSIE (as backup) will monitor BOM radar weather advice/ABC radion throughout the day and liaise with the Principal and (SAM). DP  will also monitor website for road closure updates.
  • If weather has remained inclement and there is a threat of flood/fire, the Senior Executive and the (SAM) will meet at the most appropriate time to assess the situation and make a decision.
  • Principal (Clapham) will contact Regional Office and Director and inform them of arrangements.
  • If the local area is under threat of being isolated by flood, HT PDHPE (Blake) will organise for the gymnasium to be set up with seating and the placement of a loud speaker system. General Assistant will assist.
  • DP (Campbell) to coordinate all communication to students: HT HSIE (Andersen) will provide accurate instructional information to students in English, HSIE, Support and Maths classrooms. HT TAS (Davies) will provide same information to students in Art, Tec, PDHPE and Science classrooms. HT Admin (Cole) will provide information to Music and TAS rooms. HT VET (Fisher) will provide to students NOT in classrooms, including Ag, IA shed, Living classroom and oval. This information will come from a single source: DP (Campbell).
  • The (SAM) will contact the bus company.
  • FACEBOOK coordinator (Mel Davis) will update information on the school FACEBOOK page. The (SAM) will arrange for SMS to be sent to parents. (see wording below) Local media/radio stations will also be contacted (SAS Brooke Wilson). Instructions about all communication will come from Principal.
  • Head Teacher Maths and Head Teacher Science will meet at front gate to direct bus and cars and students to the gym. Head Teacher TAL, HT VET and HT TAS will help supervise in the gym.
  • DP (Ridgway) will continue to monitor updated weather and traffic information and liaise with DP (Campbell) & Principal as appropriate.
  • Both HT Support & HT Welfare to oversee all support students including special transport.
  •  HT Admin (Cole), HT English (Kennedy) and HT Welfare (Asanovic) will organise the orderly departure (exit) of students from the gym ensuring that sign-out protocols have been followed.
  • HT VET will provide support for any key staff member with a role who is absent on the day.
  • Principal (Clapham) and DPs will liaise with the (SAM) in the front office to manage Parent arrivals and communication requests.
  • Librarian or Library Assistant to bring walkie talkies to the gym.



This policy will be reviewed as part of the school's review cycle.  The Flood/Fire Management Plan will be reviewed annually by the WHS committee.

This policy was last ratified by the P and C in April 2015

Emergency Numbers:

SES – 132500

WAVE FM – 42752965

I98FM – 42234198

ABC Radio Wollongong – 42245011

Regional Office – 42676111

Premier Illawarra – 42711322

Wording for SMS -Due to chance of flooding/fire at APHS, parents are requested to collect students (where possible) from school gym immediately. Permission to be signed out can be via TEXT.

Message to Students in classes - Students who drive to school or catch buses are asked to assemble in the gym. Students who drive are to contact their parents and seek permission before they leave the school. Students who walk/ride home will need “text” permission from parent/guardian. This text must be verified by a staff member before leaving.

Radio Announcement - Due to the chance of flooding/fire, parents are requested to collect their children from APHS gym as soon as possible. Please park responsibly and carefully. All other students will remain in the gym at APHS.