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Aboriginal Education

We acknowledge the Dharawal people – traditional owners of the land on which Albion Park
High School is located.



Aboriginal education is extremely important at APHS. High quality teaching and support is essential for social equity in order to CLOSE THE GAP between Indigenous and non-indigenous peoples. APHS acknowledges the close relationship between Education and both work opportunity and Life expectancy. Albion Park High School's policy encompasses the curriculum, the students, the staff and the wider community.



In line with the Aboriginal Education and Training policy, Albion Park High School will:

  • Deliver high quality education and training to Aboriginal students.
  • Provide professional learning opportunities for staff on Aboriginal cultural heritage.
  • Ensure KLA's include educational components about Aboriginal Australia for all students.
  • Engage our local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG) as partners in Aboriginal Education.
  • Report on achievements in Aboriginal education to the wider community.



In practice Albion Park High School will maintain an Aboriginal Education Leadership Team that will oversee, coordinate and support Aboriginal Education. The team will meet regularly and work closely with the Aboriginal community to assist the school in developing goals which can include, but are not limited to:

  • Meeting the individual needs of our Aboriginal students by using data, creating quality Personalised Learning Plans (PLP), support staff, and matching junior students with a staff mentor and getting to know Year 6 students before they arrive at High School.

  • Developing cultural competencies amongst teaching and non-teaching staff. Ensuring the Aboriginal Education policy is endorsed and implemented by all staff, supported by the provision of regular Teacher Professional Learning (TPL) about Aboriginal Education best practice.

  • Maintaining and sustaining community-school partnerships by meeting with parents, facilitating connections with local Elders and encouraging Aboriginal parents to feel welcome at the school and integral in decision-making.

  • Developing curriculum based units that demonstrate Aboriginal knowledge and skills and their application to today's issues.

  • Continuing to acknowledge and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians by flying the Aboriginal Flag, acknowledging Sorry Day and ensuring Welcome to/acknowledgment of Country and celebrating NAIDOC week

  • Ensuring teachers know their Aboriginal students by internally raising their profile and publishing detailed and relevant PLP's on the public staff folder

  • Staff representation at the local AECG meetings

  • Maintaining Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in all curriculum areas

  • Provide the opportunities for, and actively encourage, extra-curricular activities for all Aboriginal students, including leadership prospects and opportunities for students who are gifted and talented.

  • Monitoring attendance patterns and working closely with parents where concerns exist.

  • Setting high expectations which are shared these with parents and community members to encourage our Aboriginal and Torres Strait students to fulfil these high expectations, both at school and in tertiary education.



  • This policy will be reviewed as part of the school's annual review cycle.



 This policy was last ratified by the P and C in February 2014